Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.

Climate care dairy farming

ADSA / EAAP / CCCfarming Seminar “Climate care dairy farming”

    September 6th to 7th, 2022

    Porto, Portugal

Theatre presentations

Chairmen of afternoon ( September 6th) session: Paul Galama, WUR, the Netherlands, and Alexander Hristov, USA

Climate Care Cattle Farming Initiative – 15 min

P. Groot Koerkamp1, D. Ruska2, A. Cieslak3, S. Koenig4, V. Juskiene5, N. Edouard6, X. Verge7, M. Barbari8, P. Galama1, A. Kuipers1 1Wageningen University & Research, De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, the Netherlands, 2Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, 2 Liela Street, Jelgava LV-3001, Latvia, 3Poznan University, Wolynska 33, 60-637 Poznan, Poland, 4Justus Liebig Universität, Ludwigstraße 21 b 35390 , 35390 Gießen, Germany, 5Lithuanian University of Health Sciences , R. Zebenkos , 1282317 Baisogala, Lithuania, 6PEGASE INRAE, Institut Agro , 35590 Saint Gilles , France, 7 Institute de l'Elevage, la Mouesonnais , 35650 le Rheu, France, 8University of Florence, Via San Bonaventura 13, 50145 Firenze, Italy;

Climate care research and applications in Portugal – 30 min

Henrique Trindade, Universidade-de-Tras-os-Montes-e-Alto-Douro, Vila Real, Portugal

Rethinking methane in animal production – 30 min

F. Mitloehner, University California, USA

Effective nutritional strategies to mitigate enteric methane in dairy cattle – 30 min

A.N. Hristov1, A. Melgar1,2, D. Wasson1, C. Arndt3
1The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Animal Science, 109 AVBS Building, University Park, PA 16802, USA, 2Agricultural Innovation Institute of Panama (IDIAP), Clayton, City of Knowledge 07144, Panama, 3International Livestock Research Institute, PO Box 30709, Nairobi 00100, Kenya;

Challenges for climate care dairy farming in Netherlands – 30 min

P.J. Galama, J. Zijlstra, A. Kuipers
Wageningen University and Research, Livestock Research, De Elst 1, 6700 AH Wageningen, the Netherlands;

First results of a screening method for GHG emission measurements in European dairy cattle barns – 30 min

X. Vergé1, P. Robin2, V. Becciolini3, A. Cieślak4, N. Edouard2, L. Fermer5, P. Galama6, P. Hargreaves7, V. Juškienė8, G. Kadžiene8, H. Schilder6, L. Leso3, A.-S. Lissy9, J. Priekulis10, B. Rees7, D. Ruska10, M. Szumacher-Strabel4 1IDELE, Monvoisin , 35652 Le Rheu, France, 2INRAE, PEGASE & SAS, Institut Agro, 35590 Saint Gilles, France, 3University of Florence, Via san Bonaventura 13, 50145 Firenze, Italy, 4Poznan University, Wolynska 33, 60-637 Poznan, Poland, 5Justus Liebig Universität, Ludwigstraße 21b 35390, 35390 Gießen, Germany, 6Wageningen Livestock Research, De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, the Netherlands, 7SRUC, Barony Campus, Parkgate, DG1 3NE Dumfries, United Kingdom, 8Lithuanian University of Health Sciences , R. Zebenkos , 1282317 Baisogala, Lithuania, 9INRAE Transfer EnVisaGES, Bâtiment Bioclimatologie, Route de la Ferme, 78850 Thiverval-Grignon, France, 10Latvia University of Life Sciences and technologies, Faculty of Agriculture - Institute of Animal Sciences, 2 Liela street, Jelgava, LV – 3001, Latvia;

Genome wide associations for methane emissions in dairy cows – 15 min

L. Fehmer, J. Herold, P. Engel, T. Yin, S. König
Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Institute Animal Breeding and Genetics, Ludwigstr. 21b, 35390 Giessen, Germany;

Nitrogen excretion and ammonia emissions in dairy cows fed low-N fresh grass and maize silage – 15 min

M. Ferreira, R. Delagarde, N. Edouard
PEGASE, INRAE, Institut Agro, 16, Le Clos, 35590 Saint-Gilles, France;

Two experimental dairy systems built to decrease the Carbon footprint – 15 min

V. Brocard1, S. Foray1, E. Tranvoiz2, L. Morin3
1Idele, Monvoisin, 356252 LE RHEU Cdx, France, 2Chambre d'Agriculture de Bretagne, 24 route de Cuzon, 29322 Quimper Cdx, France, 3Station expérimentale, La Blanche-Maison, 50880 Pont-Hébert, France;

Chairmen of morning (September 7th) session: Nadege Edouard, France, and Abele Kuipers, Netherlands

Nutrient circularity: the role of dairy systems and a solution for GHG and NH3 mitigation 30 min

N. Edouard1, K. Klumpp2, X. Vergé3, J.-L. Peyraud1
1INRAE, Institut Agro, PEGASE, 35590 Saint-Gilles, France, 2INRAE, VetAgro‐Sup, UREP, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France, 3Institut de l'élevage, 149 rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris, France;

Environmental footprint of Holstein and crossbred cows using an individual LCA-derived method – 15 min

M. Piazza, M. Berton, S. Schiavon, G. Bittante, L. Gallo
University of Padova, 1Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and Environment , Viale dell'Università 16, 35020 Legnaro (PD), Italy;

Emissions and manure quality in future cow barn – 15 min

P.J. Galama, H.J. Van Dooren, H. De Boer
Wageningen University and Research, Livestock Research, De Elst 1, 6700 AH Wageningen, the Netherlands;

.Comparing outcomes of three GHG emission calculation tools applied on dairy production systems – 15 min

M. De Vries1, M.H.A. De Haan1, P.R. Hargreaves2, X. Vergé3, G. Kadžienė4, A. Cieślak5, P. Galama1, T.V. Vellinga1
1Wageningen Livestock Research (WLR), De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, the Netherlands, 2Scotland's Rural College (SRUC), Crichton Royal Farm, Bankend Road, DG1 4TT, Dumfries, United Kingdom, 3Latvia University of Life Sciences and technologies (LLU), Liela str. 2, 3001, Jelgava , Latvia, 4Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), R. Žebenkos str. 12, 82317 Baisogala, Lithuania, 5Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS), Wołynska 33, 60-637 Poznań, Poland;

Fermented rapeseed cake in dairy cows’ nutrition mitigates methane emission and production – 15 min

Cieslak, A.C., Gao, G.M., Huang, H.H., Gogulski, G.M., Ruska, R.D., Nowak, N.B., Szejner, S.Z.A., Puchalska, P.J., Światłowski, S.J., Szumacher-Strabel, S.Z.S.M;

Association of microorganisms in rumen with methane emission intensity of cows in the Netherlands – 15 min

D. Schokker1, S. Roques1, L. De Koning1, M.N. Aldridge1, A. Bossers2, Y. De Haas1, L.B. Sebek1, S.K. Kar1
1Wageningen Livestock Research, De Elst 1, 6708 WD, the Netherlands, 2Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Houtribweg 39, Leylstad, the Netherlands;

Danish commercial farm reduces enteric methane by 35% with 3-NOP – 15 min

N.I.C.O.L.A.J.I.N.G.E.M.A.N.N. Nielsen1, M.A.R.T.I.N.Ø.V.L.I. Kristensen1, C.H.R.I.S.T.E.R. Ohlsson2
1SEGES Innovation, Livestock Innovation, Agro Food Park 15, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark, 2DSM Nutritional Products , Kirkebjerg Allé 88, 2605 Brøndby, Denmark;

Assessment of cattle manure acidification effects on ammonia and GHG emissions and crop yield – 15 min

V. Juskiene, R. Juska, A. Siukscius, R. Juodka, Lithuanian University of Health Science, Animal Science Institute , R. Žebenkos 12, Baisogala, LT-82317, Lithuania;

Developing an in-flight network for gas and particulate emissions assessment in cattle dairy farms – 15 min

V. Becciolini1, L. Conti1, G. Rossi1, M. Merlini1, D. Bedin Marin1, G. Coletti2, U. Rossi2, M. Barbari1
1University of Firenze, Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry (DAGRI), via San Bonaventura 13, 50145 Firenze, Italy, 2Project & Design s.r.l.s., via Livorno 8/28, 50142 Firenze, Italy;

Air filtering as alternative approach to combat emissions from cattle facilities – 15 min

A. Kuipers, P. Galama, R. Maasdam
Wageningen Livestock Research, De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, the Netherlands;

Emissions, grassland and biodiversity and role of carbon foot print tool – 30 min

P. Hargreaves and B. Rees, SRUC, Scotland

Chairmen Wednesday of afternoon (September 7th) session: Ray Keatinge, UK, and Diana Ruska, Latvia

Estimation of THI critical threshold affecting milk production traits in Italian Water Buffaloes – 15 min

A. Maggiolino1, N. Bartolomeo2, A. Tondo3, A. Salzano4, G. Neglia4, V. Landi1, P. De Palo1
1University of Bari, Department of Veterinary Medicine, S.P. Per Casamassima km 3, 70010, Italy, 2University of Bari, Department of Biomedical Science and Human Oncology, Piazza Giulio Cesare 11, 70124, Italy, 3Italian Breeders Association , Via Ventiquattro Maggio, 44/45, Roma, 00187, Italy, 4University of Naples, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production, Via Delpino 1, Napoli, 80137, Italy;

Physiological, productive and metabolic parameters during heat stress in Brown Swiss and Holstein – 15 min

V. Landi, A. Maggiolino, F. Giannico, G. Calzaretti, P. De Palo, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Veterinary Medicine, via marina vecchia, 75, 70019, Italy;

Effect of acclimatization on physiological parameters of high yielding dairy cows – 15 min

F. Silva et al., Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development, Portugal

Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets – main uptakes – 15 min

M. Lee, Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 8NB, United Kingdom;

Emission research in dairy cattle barns in Slovenia – 15 min

M. Klopčič, M. Bric, E. Selak, N. Valcl
University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Dept. of Animal Science, Groblje 3, 1230 Domžale, Slovenia;


A.R.F. Rodrigues1, M.E. Silva2, V.F. Silva3, A. Gomes4, L. Ferreira5, M.R.G. Maia1, A.R.J. Cabrita1, H. Trindade6, A.J.M. Fonseca1, J.L. Pereira6,7
1REQUIMTE, LAQV, ICBAS, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Porto, R. Jorge Viterbo Ferreira 228, 4050-313 Porto, Portugal, 2LIADD-INESC TEC, Faculty of Economics, University of Porto, R. Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-464 Porto, Portugal, 3CRACS-INESC TEC, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, R. Campo Alegre, 4169-007 Porto, Portugal, 4Cooperativa Agrícola de Vila do Conde CRL, R. Lapa 293, 4480-757 Vila do Conde, Portugal, 5AGROS UCRL, R. Cidade Póvoa Varzim 55, 4490-295 Argivai, Portugal, 6CITAB, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Quinta de Prados, 5000-801 Vila Real, Portugal, 7Agrarian School of Viseu, Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Quinta da Alagoa, 3500-606 Viseu, Portugal;

Climate-neutral policy in the dairy sector expectations and current situation an example of Latvia – 15 min

D. Ruska1, K. Naglis-Liepa2, D. Kreismane3, J. Priekulis4, A. Lenerts2, A. Dorbe3, S. Rancane3, L. Degola1, D. Jonkus1
1Latvia University of Life Sciences and technologies, Institute of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture , 2 Liela street, LV – 3001, Jelgava, Latvia, 2Latvia University of Life Sciences and technologies, Faculty of Economics and Social Development, 18 Svetes Street, LV-3001, Jelgava, Latvia, 3Latvia University of Life Sciences and technologies, Institute of Soil and Plant sciences, Faculty of Agriculture , 2 Liela street, LV-3001, Jelgava, Latvia, 4Latvia University of Life Sciences and technologies, Faculty of Engineering,, 5 J. Cakstes Blvd., LV-3001, Jelgava, Latvia;

Understanding the greenhouse gas and ammonia mitigation strategies in French dairy farms – 15 min

C. Evrat Georgel, X. Verge, Institut de l'Elevage, 149 rue de Bercy, 75012 PARIS, France;
Perceptions of farmers in eight European countries about ammonia and GHG emissions – 15 min V. Eory, B. Rees, P. Hargreaves, SRUC, Scotland and V. Becciolini, University of Firenze, Italy

Climate care dairy farming - highlights and discussion - 30 min

Kuipers, A., Edouard, N., Ruska, D., Keatinge, R., De Vries, A., Galama, P.


Asparagopsis taxiformis infused vegetable oils: a solution to reduce ruminant methane emissions.

D.M. Soares1,2, R. Torres3, A.M. Campos3, A.P. Portugal4, M.T. Dentinho2,4, L. Mata3, R.J. Bessa2,4
1Terraprima Serviços Ambientais, Avenida das Nações Unidas, nº 97 , 2135-199 Samora Correia, Portugal, 2CIISA, Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária , Universidade de Lisboa, Avenida da Universidade Técnica , 1300-477 Lisboa, Portugal, 3CCMAR, Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal, 4 INIAV, Estação Zootécnica Nacional, Quinta da Fonte Boa, 2005-048 Santarém, Portugal;

Simulation of enteric methane emission friendly management strategies in Danish dairy herds

V.M. Thorup, A.B. Kudahl, L. Chen, S. Østergaard
Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science, Blichers Alle 20, DK-8830, Denmark;

NMVOC emissions from a naturally ventilated dairy housing - comparison of different diets

S. Schrade1, M. Zaehner1, K. Zeyer2, S. Wyss2, D. Steger2, J. Mohn2, F. Dohme-Meier3
1Agroscope, Ruminant Research Group, Taenikon 1, 8356 Ettenhausen, Switzerland, 2Empa, Laboratory for Air Pollution / Environmental Technology, Ueberlandstrasse 129, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland, 3Agroscope, Ruminant Research Group, Tioleyre 4, 1725 Posieux , Switzerland;

Polyphenols in apple pomace decrease ruminal methane production in dairy cows

A.C. Cieślak1, J.A. Jóźwik2, H.J. Horbańczuk2, K.M. Kozłowska1,2, G.M. Gogulski3,4, S.M. Skorupka1, W.B. Wyrwał1, J.W. Jaworski1, P.D. Petric3, S.Z.S.M. Szumacher-Strabel1
1Poznań University of Life Sciences, Department of Animal Nutrition, Wołyńska 33, 60-637 Poznań, Poland, 2Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology, Postępu 36A,, 05-552 Magdalenka, Poland, 3Centre of Biosciences, Institute of Animal Physiology, Soltesovej 4-6, 040-01 Kosice, Slovak Republic, 4Poznań University of Life Sciences, Department of Preclinical Sciences and Infectious Diseases, , Wołyńska 35, 60-637 Poznań, Poland;

Survey on management measures due to extreme weather conditions in German calf husbandry

J.J. Hayer1, T. Weise1, J. Steinhoff-Wagner2
1Institute of Animal Science, University of Bonn, Katzenburgweg 7-9, 53115 Bonn, Germany, 2TUM School of Life Science, Liesel-Beckmann-Straße 2, 85354 Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany;

Life cycle assessment of current and future pasture-based dairy production systems

J. Herron1, D. O'Brien2, L. Shalloo1
1Teagasc, Paddy O'Keeffe Centre, Moorepark, Fermoy, Co.Cork, Ireland, P61 P302, Ireland, 2Teagasc, Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford, Ireland, Y35 TC97, Ireland;

Investigating natural oils and rumen buffers as feed additives for enteric methane mitigation.

I. Hodge Munster Technological University Kerry, Biological sciences, South Campus, Clash west, Tralee, Co. Kerry, V92CX88, Ireland;

Moments of "Climate care dairy farming" meeting

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