Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.


WP6 (Farms_f) – deal with management tasks of this project.


WP7 (Farms) – deal with management tasks of this project.

All partners will be involved in project communication. Communication will be at two levels: internal project level and external. Participating partners will meet at least once a year. Associated partners will join during dissemination events. For monitoring the progress of the project, each quarter a skype meeting will be organized for all partners. Internal project communication and document archiving and sharing will be organised by Wageningen University & Research using WUR-Sharepoint. A management team will deal with daily decision making. This team is composed of the scientific coordinator (WR), a technical assistant and a representative from INRA/IDELE and SRUC. They will have regular phone and skype meetings each month. A Project Management Board will be formed existing of the overall project manager and scientific coordinator (WR) and the work package leaders (one representative from each participating partner). They will meet at least once every four months (by skype and in person) to discuss the status of the project and to plan and time check activities. All partners including subcontracted partners will meet in person at least once a year to discuss the overall set-up and intermediate results. When useful also invited experts from related projects and others can participate. A Project Advisory Committee advises the consortium on strategic matters. The Committee consists at least of five members: the chairman of the Committee; one member from the cattle sector – Copa, one member from an ICT Innovation network, and two members from the Scientific Community. The Project Advisory Group meets annually during the three year period, in combination with the meetings of the Project Coordinating Board.