Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.

Agenda CCCfarming Teams meeting 20 April 2022

Agenda CCCfarming Teams meeting 20 April 2022

Agenda CCCfarming Teams meeting 20 April 2022 – 13-15 hour

Minutes and announcements

  • 1a. Minutes of CCCfarming TEAMS meeting 2-4 February 2022
  • 1b. Program for CCCfarming meeting in Rennes, France from 6 (start in early morning) to 8 (finish at 13 hour?) July 2022. Suggestions are asked for for outline of program.
  • 1c. EAAP Porto 5-9 September input from CCCfarming partners (see attachment with seminar program); if wished changes can still be made. Early registration – lower fee - until 1st of June.
  • 1d. ADSA Climate care cattle seminar in Kansas City Missouri, USA on 19-22 June 2022
  • Sven Koenig, Peter Groot Koerkamp and Abele Kuipers will represent our project there. Others plan to join?
  • 1e. Other announcements?

  • 2. Publication study farm data (WP1.1-2) UNIFI
  • 3. Progress with NPC data and tools (WP1.4) Marion de Vries
  • 4. Progress with result of 1st round of farm visits' emission outcomes with the IDELE/INRAE Excel calculation file - Xavier Verge, Paul Robin (WP 1.5)
  • 5. Nutrition Research (WP2.3) Explanation by PULS. News item from EU commission
  • 6. Other information about tasks in WP2?
  • 7. Planning of execution of WP3
  • Kaspars Naglis-Leipa and Diana Ruska and a Dutch team member will visit SRUC team in week of June 6th work on WP3:
    -Agrecalc tool – exercise with examples of making more runs by inputting alternative practices; define a set of manageable practices.
    -Define some manageable practices for ANCA tool
    -Procedure for collecting manageable and useful practices (2?) for each study farm to be simulated with the NPC tool (with help of local team member).
    -Making scheme (procedure, time line, etc.) for applying Agrecalc on most study farms and ANCA on 1 or 2 farms per partner country.
    -Outline guideline to calculate economic aspects of a certain mitigation strategy / farm practice per study farm in a simplified way
    -Making template for describing a short farm mitigation plan (plan to be prepared for each farm by local team)
    -Other issues to be addressed .............

  • 8. Mitigation practices/strategies. A table with emission mitigation practices was prepared by Paul Galama, and collected by the partner countries. The goal was to get a global idea about mitigation practices in the various partner counties.
  • Paul Galama is working on adding some additional questions to it. You will hear further about this.

  • 9. Deliveries and milestones
  • 10. Other issues?