Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.

TEAMS meeting on 4th of May 2023

TEAMS meeting on 4th of May 2023


    Thursday at 9.00 a.m.

    1. Opening
    2. Minutes of TEAMS meeting of 2nd of April 2023
    3. Consortium meeting in Florence, Italy on 22-24th of May - Matteo Barbari and Valentina Becciolini
    4. Summary of Climate care dairy seminar in Lyon, France
    5. Emission calculations for each pilot farm
      • Requested actions are attached by mail Xavier Verge of 21st of March - Xavier Verge
      • Emission calculations and overall analysis, and leaflet for each pilot farm - Xavier Verge and Paul Robin
    6. Progress with collecting information for Farm Plans
      • Overview - Diana Ruska
      • Calculations with AgreCalc - Paul Hargreaves
      • Calculations with ANCA - Marion de Vries/Paul Galama
      • Economic calculations - Kaspars Naglis-Liepa
    7. Progress with NPC - Marion de Vries / Paul Galama
    8. Model calculations with Dairy Wise: 1st impressions - Paul Galama
    9. Framework for expert analysis of results of this project (WP4.5) - Bob Rees and Paul Galama; A workshop is planned for this task during the Florence meeting
    10. Dissemination - Violeta Juskiene/Diana Ruska
      • Overview dissemination events
      • Collecting videos
      • Website info
    11. Other issues and topics
    12. Closing.
    Next physical consortium meeting on 22-24th of May in Florence