Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.

TEAMS meeting: Progress CCCfarming

TEAMS meeting: Progress CCCfarming

6th of January 2023


  • 1. Opening
  • 2. Minutes of TEAMS meeting of 21st of December plus the overview of deliveries
  • 3. Consortium meeting in Florence, Italy on 22-24th of May - Matteo Barbari and Valentina Becciolini
  • 4. Climate care dairy session in Lyon, France - Paul Galama and Abele, all
  • 5. Progress with collecting information for farm plans.
    • Overview - Diana Ruska
    • Calculations with AgreCalc - Paul Hargreaves
    • Calculations with ANCA - Marion de Vries
    • Economic calculations - Kaspars Naglis-Liepa
  • 6. Emission calculations for each pilot farm and overall analysis - Paul Robin and Xavier Verge
  • 7. Country-specific overviews of the word clouds as outcome of the Kitchen table interviews - Vera Eory
  • 8. Framework for expert analysis of results of the project (WP4.5); to be prepared by Bob Rees; (we plan a workshop during Florence meeting to devote to this)
  • 9. Overview of deliveries (Abele) and impact of project - Paul Galama
  • 10. Dissemination - Violeta Juskiene
  • 11. Other issues and topics
  • 12. Closing.