Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.

Virtual Teams Meeting of CCCfarming

Virtual Teams Meeting of CCCfarming, 1 July, 2021

Virtual Teams Meeting of CCCfarming, 1 July, 2021


  • Minutes of last meeting
  • WP 1:
    • - Progress with overview of farms, especially farms added since last meeting (UNIFI)
    • - 1st round of experiences with emission measurements in barns (all, IDELE/INRA); lab analysis 1st round (by Anne-Sophie Lissy); 2nd round of measurements planned, when? (by each partner)
    • - Processing data from the Farm Inquiry as filled in during the farm visits (Paul Robin and Xavier Verge)
    • - NPC data collection (storages, etc.) (WUR)
    • - Kitchen table interviews – overview of questionnaires collected per country (Vera Eory).
  • WP2 new actions
    • - WP2.2.: Study novel feeding practices related to animal – task description (PULS);
  • WP3: The three tasks will be outlined (two tasks by SRUC in cooperation with LLU; one task by IDELE)
  • Other issues.