Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting CCCfarming

Virtual Meeting CCCfarming

3:30-5:30 pm, 12th of January, 2022


  1. 1. Concept minutes of 5 October Meeting.
  2. 2. Announcements.
  3. 3. Progress with Work-Package 2: info to be provided by partners (organized by Nadege Edouard).
  4. 4. Progress made on 17th of December meeting about emission measurements – Updated summary overview of results (Abele Kuipers; Xavier Verge and Paul Robin explain about progress made by partners with INRAE/IDELE calculation file).
  5. 5. Work-Package 3 - Outcomes (Discussions between the Latvian, Scottish and Netherlands’ teams).
  6. 6. Work-Package 1- Reports of progress of WP1, task 1-3 (UNIFI), task 4 (WUR) and task 6 (SRUC).
  7. 7. Dissemination: State of art of website (by LUHS); EAAP Porto September seminar Climate Care Dairy farming.
  8. 8. Further issues, questions.