Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.

Minutes of CCCfarming skype Teams meeting

Minutes of CCCfarming skype Teams meeting of 5 October, 2021

Minutes of CCCfarming skype Teams meeting of 5 October 2021

5th of October, 2021

Present: Bob Rees; Valentina Becciolini; Diāna Ruska; Kaspars Naglis-Liepa; Gitana Kadziene; Paul Hargreaves; Vergé Xavier; Niklas Sölzer; Paul Galama; Adam Cieślak; Malgorzata Szumacher; Lena Fehmer; Nadege Edouard; Chris Flechard; Katja Klumpp; Caroline Evrat-Georgel; Abele Kuipers

  1. 1.Concept minutes of CCCfarming meeting of 1July 2021; accepted
  2. 2.Announcement
    A Climate care cattle farming seminar is planned next year September at EAAP Porto in cooperation with ADSA
  3. 3. The basic farm data overview by UNIFI is almost ready. It was good to hear that France has organized the 8 farms in the meantime
  4. 4. Emission measurements on field farms. A data-overview of 1st farm visits is prepared by Anne-Sophie Lissy. Scotland and France will do 2nd round in October; Poland in September; Italy and Latvia are already preparing the 3th round; The Netherlands plans the 2nd round in October.
    An Excel file to calculate GHG losses on farm level (IDELE/INRA) will be delivered by Xavier to the partners next week.
  5. 5. Progress with NPC data collection (WUR). Germany has most data inputted in tools. Scotland is very active with the Agrecalc tool; a group of participants is formed. Latvia did send all data of the 3 tools; they will contact Marion de Vries about input problem. Poland is waiting. Italy collected data; not yet inputted. The Netherlands data still to be inputted.
  6. 6. Kitchen table interviews (SRUC). Vera explains first results. It is an upfront group of farmers, but much lower future activities seen than in the past. Missing farms and data still need to be added to the dataset. Also farm characteristics from WP1 will be added. The plan is to organize a workshop for discussing the results.
  7. 7. Nutrition research in WP2 (PULS). The Polish team tells that they consider to do research on methane blockers and on corn harvesting techniques. Nadege Edouard adds that France will do experiments with low CP diets. Lena Fehmer explains that they have raw nutrition data available that is related to measured methane emission data.
  8. 8. WP3, task 1: Mitigation practices and techniques - marginal abatement cost curves (SRUC/LLU). A meeting will be organized between Latvia, Scotland and the Netherlands to discuss progress on this topic.
  9. 9. A Discovery webinar of ADSA about methane mitigation took place. It provided interesting info for this project.

Abele Kuipers, November 2021