Climate Care Cattle Farming Systems

Development of climate smart care cattle farming systems reducing GHG and ammonia emissions.

Minutes of CCCfarming Teams meeting

Minutes TEAMS meeting CCCfarming 12 of April 2023

Minutes CCCfarming TEAMS meeting on 12th of April 2023

Present:Valentina Becciolini; Matteo Barbari; Diāna Ruska; Kaspars Naglis-Liepa; Paul Hargreaves; Bob Rees, Christoph Flechard, Adam Cieślak; Lena Fehmer; Violeta Juškienė, Katja Klumpp; Gitana Kadziene; Paul Galama, Abele Kuipers

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Opening
  2. Minutes of TEAMS meeting of 3rd of March agreed upon. It is noted that here are many questions for IDELE and their representative Xavier Verge is not present to-day.
  3. Consortium meeting in Florence, Italy on 22-24th of May - Valentina Becciolini asks participants to book their hotels soon. A program for the internal consortia meetings should be prepared
  4. Climate care dairy session in Lyon, France - Concept program with overview of speakers is presented. It will be an 11/2-day seminar. Chairmen: Galama, Rees (1st session), Edouard, Becciolini (2nd), Cieslak, Kuipers (3rd).
  5. Emission calculations for each pilot farm and overall analysis; Paul Robin and Xavier Verge are unfortunately not present; Xavier Verge has let know by mail that they work on it. Requested actions in mail of Xavier Verge of 21st of March raise questions. We try to understand the data of the Excel file. We specifically look at the Lithuanian 4 farms. Violeta Juškienė gives some information about these farms. Next meeting, these topics will be put again on the agenda.
  6. Progress with collecting information for Farm Plans
    • Overview - Diana Ruska

    • Simulated calculations with chosen strategies with AgreCalc - Paul Hargreaves reports: It looks that France has no data inputted in AgreCalc; there are still questions about completeness of data from the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

    • Simulated calculations with chosen strategies with ANCA - Paul Galama explains; information about the simulated calculations by Marion de Vries are presented in the Appendix. It was told that from France are no input data in ANCA available (Germany did use AgreCalc for all farms).
    • Economic calculations – Kaspars Naglis-Liepa
      Kaspars Naglis requests Paul Galama to check part of his assumptions for making the economic calculations.

  7. Progress with NPC - Marion de Vries is not present.
  8. Framework for expert analysis of results of this project (WP4.5); to be prepared by Bob Rees and Paul Galama as part of workshop during Florence meeting
  9. Dissemination - Violeta Juškienė/Diāna Ruska
    • Collecting videos; at least one video per partner country related to this project is requested; Violeta and Diana will start this action.
    • Overview dissemination events; a sheet is prepared gathering info about events done towards farmers and stakeholders by the partners in context of disseminating this project
    • Website info; more info will be placed on the public website instead of on the internal site.
  10. Other events: Latvian partner organized a CCCfarming event at the national agricultural fair. As part of it, Paul Galama will tell by video about climate care cattle farming. Paul is also invited at the ADSA meeting in Ottawa in June to speak about GHG reduction; Xavier Verge and Abele Kuipers will also tell at ADSA about topics related to this project. Abele Kuipers is invited speaker at the Italian Science Days in early June near Bari about environmental challenges.
  11. Closing; next TEAMS meeting Thursday 4th of May 2023 at 9 hour
  12. Closing; next physical meeting in Italy from 22-24 May 2023.
  13. by Abele Kuipers, 26th of April 2023


CCCfarming WP3: Results of simulation of mitigation measures using ANCA

Marion de Vries
April 6, 2023

Code Measures NL3 NL5 PL1 PL2 LV5 LV7 UK3 UK8 LT1 LT4 IT1 IT2
1 Increase feed efficiency X X X X X X
2 Low protein diets X X
3 Feeding 3-NOP (enteric methane inhibitor) X X X X X X X
4 Low emission floors X X X X
5 Mechanical manure separation X X
6 Manure acidification
7 Covering manure storage X X X
8 Low emission slurry spreading techniques X X
9 Anaerobic digester X
10 Renewable energy production at farm X X X X X
11 Energy saving equipment X X X


Example: farm NL5
Mitigation measures:
Code of measures Information from farmer and / or expert Expected impact Simulated ANCA
N.2 From 160 to 150 crude protein for 220 cows NH3, GHG YES
N.3 Bovaer methane blocker for 220 cows GHG YES
N 11 Combination of energy saving measurements:
  • Milk to heat installation; take heat of milk for heating housing floors
  • Heat pipes on the roof
Electric airco to use as gas heating

Assumptions ANCA:

  • Crude protein 157 -> 150 g / kg DM (total ration)
    • Via compound concentrate feed (CP protein mixture reduced from 381 to 280)
    • Assumption equal milk yield
    • Increase in amount of mineral fertilizer applied (+3600 kg KAS) to compensate for the reduced amount of N applied via manure.
  • Bovaer methane inhibitor
    • 70.5 mg 3-NOP/kg DM -> assumed enteric methane reduction 31%
    • Corrected for grazing hours (28%)


GHG (g CO2-eq/kg FPCM) NH3 (kg/ha) Soil N surplus (kg/ha)
Scenario* SO S1 SO S1 SO S1
Reduce crude protein 1248 1246 50 45 165 159
Feed methane inhibitor 1248 1094 50 50 165 165
* SO = baseline, S1 = scenario


  • Reducing CP intake reduced NH3 emission by 10% and N soil surplus by 4%.
  • Feeding Bovaer reduced enteric methane emission by 28% (corrected for grazing), and total cradle-to-farm gate GHG emissions per kg FPCM by 12%.